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Change Computer Name
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How to Change the Name of Computer?

Sometimes users want to change their computer name for some reasons, but cannot make it possible. SYSPC tips & tricks helps users to get quick solution to their common queries like:

  • How to change the computer name?
  • How to change the name of My Computer?

Change the name of computer follow the steps below:

  • Right Click the My Computer icon and then choose Properties as shown in the figure below:

    Change Computer Name
  • After clicking the Properties option, you will get the following screen:

    How to Change the Nmae of My Computer?
  • Then Click on Computer Name tab and following screen appears:

  • Click the Change... button, You will see following screenshot:

  • Enter the name to be changed and then Click OK button. Then following popup window appears:

  • All the changes will effect after restarting the system.


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